How to Create an Efficient Support Request?

In order to create an efficient Support Request (SR) ticket on Volthread Support System (VSS), attention should be paid to a descriptive content for the ticket. An explanatory ticket provides to our technical IT support team to understand your issue easily and this provide us to resolve your help request as fast as possible.

Please follow below steps to create an efficient Volthread SR ticket;

 1. Go to VSS home page:
 2. Login with your email and password information.
 3. Click on "Create New Ticket" button. Take below screen capture as a reference.

4. Enter a title that summarizes the issue.
5. Having the following information in the SR ticket will enable the issue to be resolved as quick as possible;

   a. Explain how the issue occurs shortly
   b. Steps how to “reproduce” the problematic case. Volthread Support Engineers should be able to reproduce the issue.
   c. Screen captures of the problematic issue and screenshots of the successful working scenario
   d. Adding error or exception log to the SR and attaching the complete error stack trace log
   e. POST/GET requests sent via Postman, CURL or SAOPUI for the WebServices calls by including endpoint 
   f. Full endpoint address, URL/URI information for the requests made through the web browsers

6. After the ticket is created, it is available on "My Tickets" page. You can follow your SR's status, update and provide additional information for your ticket or you can also close your ticket if it is resolved.